Cover and a small interview in Edith magazine

Hello everyone,

I am beyond thrilled to share some exciting news with you all! My latest photoshoot, “Bathtime,” has been featured as the cover of “Edith” magazine. This photoshoot was a collaborative effort between myself, the stunning model Margo Amp, talented make up artist Liudmila Elkina, and amazing stylist Tatyana Podolyakina.

The “Bathtime” shoot was a true test of my skills as a photographer, as I was tasked with creating a beautiful and captivating image with only one source of light. Despite the challenge, I am incredibly proud of the final results. The five to six images we created are some of the best in my portfolio, and I couldn’t have done it without the incredible talent of my team and especially the fantastic Margo.

I was also lucky enough to be interviewed for “Edith” magazine about my photography and the “Bathtime” shoot. I was able to share some of my experiences and insights into my creative process, as well as express my gratitude for the team that made the shoot such a success.

Overall, I am truly grateful for this incredible opportunity and I couldn’t be happier with how “Bathtime” turned out. I hope you all enjoy the cover and the interview in “Edith” magazine. Thank you all for your support!