Solis magazine. Alone in the home

I am thrilled to announce that a photoshoot I recently captured was published in the latest issue of Solis Magazine! This photoshoot was truly special to me because it showcased the beauty and grace of an average girl, not a professional model. With the help of make-up artist Liudmila Elkina, we worked in a sunny studio to create a classic boudoir photoshoot that proves every girl can look and feel stunning.

Our focus was to keep the photoshoot simple, yet captivating. We chose poses that were natural and easy to follow, and used the bright natural light to bring out the best in our subject. The result was a series of stunning images that highlight the subject’s natural beauty and inner confidence.

I wanted to prove that you don’t have to be a model to get beautiful photos like these. All you need is a little bit of confidence, a skilled make-up artist, and a photographer who understands how to use light to bring out the best in you. With these elements in place, anyone can get photos that make them feel confident and beautiful.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to share this photoshoot with the world and I hope it inspires other women to embrace their natural beauty and book a photoshoot of their own. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, capturing a special moment in your life, or just treating yourself to something fun, a photoshoot is a wonderful way to embrace your unique beauty and feel confident and beautiful.

So, don’t wait any longer, book your photoshoot today and let’s capture your beauty in its natural form!